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Girls Basketball: St. Viator Blenner Classic final results

Here are the final results and leading scorers for all games of the Blenner Classic. Big thanks to St. Viator high school for sending all of the results my way.

All Tourney Team
Caya Apostolou (Maine East)
Myia Clark (St. Viator)
Morgan Collar (Wheeling)
Pamela Colmenares (Leyden)
Nosa Igiehon (Wheeling)
Irelyn Macdiarmid (Lane Tech)
Morgan Paull (GBN)
Olivia Solimene (St. Viator) *MVP*
Camille Villaruz (Zion Benton)
Krystina Wayne (Plainfield North)

Dec. 26

Plainfield North 42 def. Glenbrook North 26
Leading scorer for Plainfield North was Chelsea Cross with 11 points. with GBN’s
Faith Kim with eight points.

Leyden 43 def. Zion-Benton 34
Leading scorer for Leyden was Pamela Colmenares with 14 points and for
Zion Benton, Verniya Washington with 14 points.

Wheeling 68 def. Maine East 32
Wheeling led by Nosa Igrehon with 20 points and for Maine East Olga Goumas with 8 points.

Saint Viator 57 def, Lane Tech 47
Saint Viator’s Myia Clark led all scorers with 22 points and added 10 rebounds for a double-double. Olivia Solimene added 19 points two assists and two steals.

Irelyn Macdiarmid had 18 points for Lane Tech.

Dec. 27

Zion Benton 42 def Maine East 40
Trinity Walker and Kayla Kinney led Zion Benton with 16 and 14 pts. ME was paced by Caralina Apostolou with 19 pts.

Wheeling 58 def Leyden 38
Morgan Collar led the Wildcats with 24 points and Nosa Igiehon added 19 points. Leyden was led by Yaritza Frias with eight points.

Plainfield North 47 def. Lane Tech 27
Chelsea Cross led Plainfield with nine points. Irelyn Macdiarmid led Lane with seven points.

Saint Viator 37 def. Glenbrook North 28
Myia Clark led the Lions with 10 points, 4 rebounds, and one steal. Natalie Krause and Michaela Mueller had six points a piece. Paull lead Glenbrook North with 16 points and seven rebounds.

Dec. 28

Glenbrook North 53 def. Lane Tech 50
Sammi Stoneburner led GBN with 12 pts. Mikayla O’Malley had 13 pts. for Lane.

Leyden 55 def. Maine East 43
Amalia Figueroa led Leyden with 16 pts and Jasmine Iguarta and Pamela Colmenares each had 10 pts for Leyden. Caralina Apostolou had 20 for the Demons.

Wheeling 36 def. Zion Benton 13
Nosa Igiehon led Wheeling with 10 pts. Kayla Kinney had four pts for Zion Benton.

Saint Viator 33 def. Plainfield North 26
Myia Clark led the Lions with 16 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 assists. Olivia Solimene eight pts, two assists, two steals. Kelley Knopp and Olivia Cantu each had seven pts for Plainfield North.

Dec. 29

Saint Viator 45 def. Wheeling 35
The hosts took home theChampionship of the Blenner Holiday Classic. Olivia Solimene led the Lions with 14 points, 4 rebounds and steal. Haley Robinson added eight points, five rebounds and two steals.

Megan Collar led the Wildcats with 15 points and seven rebounds while Nosa Igiehon chipped in with a double-double of 13 points and grabbed 11 rebounds.

Third Place
Plainfield North 48 def. Leyden 45

Fifth Place
Zion Benton 35 def. Glenbrook North 26

Seventh Place
Lane Tech 61 beat Maine East 37

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