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Illinois Preps Insider’s girls basketball rankings: Week 2

Hope everybody had a great thanksgiving weekend, filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course basketball.

It was kind of a strange week. There were quite a few marquee matchups, but at the same time there weren’t many games between a fringe top-20 team and an actual top-20 team.

Teams in the top-20 did Illinois proud going 3-0 against our neighbours to the north in the Brookfield shootout. I don’t care what sport it is, those wins are always satisfying.

A little bit of movement again this week but as said before, it is still early in the season and none of the losses so far are “bad” losses.

Also just as a general rule, I have a hard time jumping teams over others that haven’t lost either. Not saying it can’t happen, just very rarely and everything tends to work itself out anyways.

1. Whitney Young (0-0) 1

Still nothing…

2. Benet (6-0) 2

Three very solid wins, including one over St. Ignatius

3. Fremd (5-0) 4

Knocked off a tricky Rolling Meadows

4. Loyola (5-0) 5

Rivalry win over New Trier

5. Marist (5-0) 6

Shook off close game, and now dominating opponents

6. Maine West (6-0) 7

Seem to have Evanstons number as of late

7. Kenwood (3-0) 8

Week off for the Broncos

8. Nazareth (6-0) 9

Should be a fun one against Iggy.

9. Evanston (4-1) 3

No shame in losing to Maine West, the rest of the top-10 have just been excellent to start the year

10. Mother McAuley (5-0) 10

Big matchup against rival Benet on the horizon.

11. Montini (1-0) 12

Huge win over one of Wisconsin’s best. The freshman are going to be good.

12. St. Ignatius (4-1) 13

Chance to turn some heads against Nazareth

13. Bolingbrook (3-2) 14

Nice bounce back game over Marshall, split their games in Ohio.

14. Simeon (2-1) 11

Head scratcher against Proviso East, still early in the season though

15. Lincoln-Way West (4-1) 16

Schedule wont ramp up until Christmas time

16. Rolling Meadows (6-1) 17

Good win up in Wisconsin, couldn’t quite overcome Fremd

17. Lake Forest (5-0) 18

Quiet week for the Scouts

18. New Trier (5-1) 20

Attempted to slow down Loyola, but wasn’t quite enough

19. Lake Zurich (3-2) 19

Scheduled really tough games to start the year, that counts for something

20. Marshall (2-2) 15

Struggled against 3A and out of state competition

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