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CSL South boys volleyball predictions


1. New Trier

New Trier lost a ton from last year, but it’s New Trier so they just continue to reload. The Trevians shook off a 0-2 start and recently placed third at the Warren Invite which included a narrow three set defeat to Lincoln-Way East.

Right now it is hard to see another team in the CSL South give New Trier a real challenge for the conference title, but crazier things have happened.

2. Glenbrook South


It’s hard to judge where GBS is currently at due to sheer lack of matches. The Titans haven’t played in a tournament yet this year, and the games they have played in have been less than stellar.

They showed some flashes in their opening match against Vernon Hills, but consistency was lacking. I’m currently chalking that performance up to first game jitters, and expect GBS to significantly improve throughout the season.

3. Maine South

Maine South is a bit of an enigma. At times, they looked really good against Palatine, who went on to take second at the Warren Invite. However, they followed that up with a pretty head scratching loss to Lakes before rolling through the bronze bracket.

The Hawks can easily make a push for the number two spot in the CSL South, but they need to find that consistency to knock off a New Trier or a GBS.

4. Evanston

Was pleasantly surprised with Evanston’s performance at the Warren Invite. They hung with Lincoln-Way East for a while, until they Griffins decided to show everyone why they are a top-5 team in the state.

Ball control is what is going to make or break Evanston’s season this year. If the Wildkits are passing and setting the ball well, they are going to give some of the top-flight teams quite the scare.

5. Niles West

It seems that this year’s theme of the CSL South is consistency (or lack thereof) , and Niles West is certainly no exception.

The Wolves started the season 7-0, which included a win over Loyola, but have struggled as of late with back to back straight set losses to an average Maine East side. It’s hard to say which Niles West team is going to show up on any given night, which could result in an upset win, or a blowout loss.

6. Niles North


With the exception of boys basketball, Niles North has had a really rough go in the two years they have been apart of the CSL South.

If they catch a team on the right night, they certainly have the capacity to beat an Evanston or a Niles West, but there is just not enough of an attacking presence to do it on a nightly basis.

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