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CSL boys volleyball power rankings: Week of 4/30

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By: Sam Gillman


1. New Trier (16-4)

#1 in CSL South, beat Glenbrook North, beat Deerfield. BTrevians possess a ton of fire power including middle Joe D’Attomo, middle James Snyder, right side Marty Tatosian, and outside hitter Tennessee Fulks. Game on May 7 at Glenbrook South.

2. Glenbrook North (13-6)

#1 in CSL North, beat Deerfield, lost to New Trier. Not the biggest of teams, but great ball control team led by Libero Matthew Zhang. Outside hitters Jack Ferber and Ethan Brodell run a really quick offense. Game on May 8 at Deerfield.

3. Deerfield (17-5)

Right there but have lost to Glenbrook North and New Trier. Setter Caedon Hsieh and middle Jacob Shapiro are a great duo. Game on May 8 vs Glenbrook North.


4. Glenbrook South (9-10)

Took Hersey to 3 sets, but lost. Junior Setter Thomas Cavallaro very talented and runs a great offense. Game on May 7 at home vs New Trier.

5. Maine South (10-13)

Nice hard hitting duo in John Rzepniewski and Grant Miller. Scrappy team overall with  libero Aidan Herguth stepping up to make plays on the defensive end. Game on May 9 at New Trier


6. Vernon Hills (10-9)

Took Deerfield to 3 sets, and beat GBS in the first game of the season. Led by versatile  right side hitter Derrick Jones. Game on May 8 at Maine West

7. Maine West (16-11)

Wins vs Niles North and Maine East, losses to Deerfield Lake Park. Up and down team that flies under the radar at times. Game on May 10 at Deerfield.

8. Evanston (7-17):

Was able to take a set from New Trier. Solid hitters in Evol Smith, Chyne Temple, and right side Caleb Steege but can be let down by their ball control. Game on May 9 at home vs Niles West.

9. Highland Park (9-10)

Took GBN to 3 sets but couldn’t quite pull it out. Led by Senior middle hitter Zak Levy. Game on May 10 at home vs Vernon Hills.


10. Maine East (10-10)

Lost on of their best players, very young and very small with no players over 6’2”. Game on May 10 at home vs Glenbrook North.

11. Niles West (16-8)

Very, very inconsistent team but when Nikola Dimitrijevic is playing well they can give people a challenge, extremely difficult to place. Very solid defensively and in serve receive. Game on May 7 at home vs Maine South.

12. Niles North (6-18): Winless in the CSL. Just not enough fire power to compete with the likes of the top teams in the CSL. Game on May 9 at Glenbrook South

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