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Illinois Preps Insider’s girls basketball top-20: Week 9

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Well at least the top-5 haven’t changed in weeks, right?

Tough week for Ignatius, and just a really strange week for New Trier. They knock off Iggy and follow it up with a loss to Maine South. It really shows how close teams 9-30 really are.

I really, really, want to believe in Bolingbrook but at a certain point you have to win games and losses to York and Lincoln-Way East are just games you have to win to stay ranked.

There are a lot of teams with pretty remarkable records who aren’t ranked. Minooka and Argo just to name a few. But as I said at the start of the season, I like to see quality wins while avoiding bad losses, and those teams don’t really have any standout wins.

1. Maine West 1 (23-0) 1

Fifth straight week at number one

2. Nazareth (21-1) 2

Grinded out a few wins this week

3. Montini (23-3) 3

Some impressive defensive performances

4. Mother McAuley (20-2) 4

So long as they don’t play Montini they’re fine

5. Benet (19-4) 5

But of a break in the schedule

6. Whitney Young  (17-5) 6

More out of state games

7. Fremd (20-3) 8

Big game against Loyola

8. Simeon 9 (16-7)

CPS Playoffs have begun

9. Thornwood (20-1) 10

Swept Lincoln-Way West

10. New Trier (18-5) 11

Weird week, beat Iggy and Wheaton North but lose to Maine South

11. St. Ignatius (17-6) 7

Rough week for the Wolfpack

12. Loyola (18-5) 13

Solid win over Fenwick

13. Evanston (17-6) 14

Tough game against an improve Maine South next

14. Marist (16-7) 12

Been keeping games close, can’t get over the hump

15. Kenwood (15-9) 15

Hung with Maine West for a quarter

16. Fenwick (17-7) 16

Struggles in conference continue

17. Lincoln-Way East (15-5) NR

Quietly building a nice resume

18. Lincoln-Way West (16-4) 19

Close loss to Thornwood not the end of the world

19. Maine South (16-7) NR
Putting it together at the right time

20. Stagg (18-4) NR

Will get a chance to solidify their spot over the next two weeks

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